Galvanized Iron Wire
   Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
   Welded Wire Mesh
   Welded Wire Mesh Panel
   Perforated Metal
   Expanded Metal
   Window Screening
   Wire Mesh Fence
   Barbed Wire
   Razor Barbed Wire
   Conveyer Belt Mesh
   Hexagonal Wire Netting
   Brass Wire Cloth
   Chain Link Fence
   Nylon Wire Mesh
   Slurry Mesh in Petroleum
   Mine Sieve Mesh
Perforated Metal

Custom designs available. Precise parameters guaranteed.
Hole Patterns including: Round; Rectangular hole; Square; Triangle; Diamond; Hexagonal; Cross; Slotted; and other patterns according to your drawings or application requirement.
Please indicate parameters below when you ask for a quotation:
Hole pattern
Sheet shape
Aheet sizes
Unique requirements
Other information you regard helpful

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